İrem Küçükali

Urban Technologist - Software Engineer

Organizational COVID-19 Dashboard

Organizational COVID-19 Dashboard

A web application for organizations to track COVID-19 transmission within. Interactive data visialization to evaluate the effect of any exposure on risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Based on a research on how face-to-face events like class exams affect COVID-19 cases within a university,
developing an automatic data visualization dashboard including statistical computation of effect of exposure on risk of transmission seemed like a very good idea.

We built this tool with Huseyin Kucukali using Python and Plotly Dash and deployed it to Heroku. We automated the whole process so data we are using is periodically fetched from Google Drive.

It is a helpful tool with a lot room for improvements. Access to the app is limited for data privacy reasons, I am putting a screenshot here with numbered department names.